‘Noisy’ kindergarten not wanted in Tarneit street

Residents of a quiet Tarneit street are up in arms about a proposal to open a childcare centre in their slice of suburbia.

A planning permit application for the Leading Leaps Early Learning Centre on Royal Oaks Drive is in its advertising stage and neighbours are making their objections known.

Royal Oaks Drive resident Paul Busuttil said he was concerned about the plan to turn the two-storey house into a kinder for 36 children.

“It’s a nice, quiet estate and we’ve put our life savings into it,” he said. “All the residents are pretty upset. It affects us all and it’ll become like a main road and inhibit our access.

“We can hear the kids from Thomas Carr College and that’s in the next estate, while this is two doors down. Almost 40 kids will make it noisier and busier than it should be.”

Wyndham council has received 32 objections to the proposal so far.

The estimated cost to turn the house into a fully-fledged childcare centre is $35,000.

“We were the first to the estate and had to obey all these covenants and regulations and now they’re able to do whatever,” Mr Busuttil said. “It’ll devalue our properties and the whole estate. The rates are pretty high here as it’s supposed to be prestigious, so we’re all pretty upset.

“I can’t understand how this application has got this far, but we plan to try everything to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

The applicant did not respond to Star Weekly before deadline.

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