Wenlock steps up at Wyndhamvale

Luke Wenlock. Picture Wyndhmvale Falcons website

Tara Murray

Wyndhamvale didn’t have to look far for its new senior coach, with assistant coach Luke Wenlock stepping up to the role.

An assistant coach the past couple of years at the club, Wenlock said once the senior coaching role became available he was keen to take it on.

“I did the under-18s and a couple of years as the senior assistant and this year was a washout,” he said.

“I was more than happy in a support role as the last two coaches were coaches that have been playing coaches, so they needed someone on the bench.

“When it became available, I was more than keen. I’ve been with this group and put a lot of work in and I’ve got a lot of faith in the group.

“They’re a great group of young men.”

Wenlock takes on a side that won the minor premiership in division 2 last season, before falling short in the grand final.

He said the group was starting to hit that age when they would stay to hit their prime.

“Even in div 1 [2018] when I saw them, I knew that the talent was there,” he said.

“They weren’t ready at that time. They were 18-19-year-old kids.

“I’ve been there and played in division 1 and know what it sort of takes and they can do it.

“They couldn’t do it on their own.They needed to be that 22-23-24 with some good support around, and that’s what we’ve been able to do.”

Wenlock has long been around the coaching scene and first started coaching when he was 22. After a break after having a family, he got back into coaching firstly at Werribee Districts and then at Wyndhamvale, where his son was playing.

Wenlock said one of the biggest messages for him heading into 2021 was that it wouldn’t just happen they had to work for it.

“Just because we were there it’s not going to just happen. It will be two years, 18 months between games.

“It’s probably my job to sell that message, they know the work they did last year, they worked really hard.

“I’m pretty confident we are going to be super competitive again and I know how hungry the boys are.”

The Falcons have announced a number of re-signings, with Wenlock confirming the majority of the group had already signed on for next season.

Wenlock said they were talking to some possible recruits to finish off their squad.

He said the playing future of former coach Chris Moreland was unknown.

Moreland stood down from the coaching role due to personal reasons.

“He’s an outside chance to play and is certainly on good terms with the club,” he said.

“We hope he will play with us.”