Agency with family values

Gary Singh of TG Family Real Estate. (Photo supplied)

Carole Levy

Gary Singh has been a busy man since arriving in Australia in 2009 as an international student, gaining his advanced diploma in business management while working as a waiter and other basic jobs to keep body and soul together.

Gary recognised he’d arrived in the land of endless opportunity and, by 2014, began his real estate career – and never looked back.

In his first year, he honed his negotiation skills and, through hard work and focus, received a leading agent award for his efforts across three Sydney suburbs, and found himself in charge of multi-million dollar deals and achieving many record sales.

By 2016, with his wife, three kids and a sister in tow, Gary was ready for a change and moved to Wyndham. The family built their own home in 2019 and settled down as Manor Lakes locals.

Initially, Gary joined a new real estate company in Point Cook where he proved his many skills, rising to the role of sales manager within a few months. In this time, he recorded a number of sales in the Wyndham and Manor Lakes areas.

Gary helped take the agency to new heights and was simultaneously acting as a sales team coach. At the same time as selling properties in Wyndham and surrounding suburbs, he was involved as a land sales manager for a large project and took the role of co-director of the real estate arm.

Gary had reached the point of readiness to open his own agency, TG Family Real Estate (under the banner of national agency Easy Agent). But first he took time out to refocus, spend time with his family, and get refreshed by playing for Wyndham Vale Cricket Club last summer.

He also became a part-time rideshare driver for six months, with the purpose in mind of harnessing his innate observational skills and chatting with passengers about their perceptions of the real estate game.

Now, TG Family Real Estate is up and running, with expert skillset and knowledge ready to be applied in Gary’s own style.

Gary says to date, he’s done one billion dollars in real estate transactions as he’s stepped through his career, gaining knowledge, experience and steadily building a proven track record of success.

”Some say negotiation is skill, for me its an art!” he says.

A distinctive feature of TG Family Real Estate is that it offers a guaranteed sale price for his vendors. That’s a big one, especially in this tough market.

Another difference in approach is that Gary only lists four to five properties at a time. He says he’s not one to get 20 listings, with half of them languishing. Instead, he’s able to provide absolute focus to his fewer clients who get a boutique experience.

Honest with his vendors and thorough with property appraisals, Gary also has a real grasp on just how emotional it can be to buy or sell a property. He’s been there himself, so he offers genuine empathy to interactions with his clients.

He is clearly doing a lot right because once a client has used his services, he’s found they come back for more. That says it all really…

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