Vaccine first in Wyndham, state

Victoria University Polytechnic has programmed robot Pepper to welcome community members to the Wyndham Vaccination Hub. Mayor Adele Hegedich is pictured with Pepper. Photo: Supplied/Wyndham council 240567_01

Wyndham has become the first council in the state to join forces with local GPs to increase the number of people receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The council teamed up with 40 general practitioners to run a high-volume vaccination event, as a part of a pilot program, at the Encore Events Centre in Hoppers Crossing this afternoon.

The GPs involved vaccinated their own patients.

A statement from the council said it will “continue to investigate options to include other venues across the municipality” for use as potential vaccination sites.

At present, most GPs can only vaccinate 10 people per day, or 50 per week in their clinics, because of their size.

But using the council’s larger facilities allows them to vaccinate up to 100 people in two hours.

Wyndham mayor and healthy city portfolio holder Adele Hegedich said the Astra Zeneca vaccine would be the only option available at the larger vaccination facilities, and residents would need to book in for a jab.

“Residents need to book vaccinations with their GP,” Cr Hegedich said.

“The GP will then provide them with a location and time to get vaccinated.

“This is not a public walk-in facility – all bookings must be done via local GPs.”

The frequency at which the larger-style vaccination sessions will be run will depend on demand.

Cr Hegedich said the program would dramatically increase the speed at which the community is vaccinated.

“We know our residents trust their local GPs, so it makes sense to give them greater access,” she said.

“Vaccinations are our best way out of lockdowns and out of this pandemic.”

“Less than a year ago, there were 942 active COVID cases in Wyndham.

“We don’t want to see those numbers again.”

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