Stardom beckons actor

Joshua Diaz in the film Straight Up. Photo: Supplied

By Alesha Capone

Actor Joshua Diaz is a star on the rise, with two films coming out next month.

The former Wyndham Vale resident, and past player for the Wyndhamvale Falcons, has spent the past few years living between Australia and Los Angeles.

While spending the last 18 months in LA, he filmed the romantic comedy Straight Up, playing the role of Zane.

“It was great to be part of the film,” Mr Diaz said. “I really enjoyed the dialogue in the film. It’s quirky, it’s witty, it’s highly intelligent dialogue, which is something I definitely appreciate.”

The other movie Mr Diaz stars in is Fantasy Island, a horror adaptation of the popular 1970s television show about a magical island resort.

The film, shot in Fiji, will be released in the USA on Valentine’s Day.

“That was a great shoot, I was working with professionals who have been in the industry for  15 to 20 years,” Mr Diaz said.

Mr Diaz said that he grew up watching some of the actors from the film, including Michael Pena, Maggie Q from Nikita and Jimmy Yang from Crazy Rich Asians.

“It was a little crazy,” he said. “It was a bit like, ‘I used to watch you on television, I’ve seen things you have done and now I’m doing a scene with you or having dinner with you’.”

Mr Diaz also studied at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, which is known for actors such as Mark Ruffalo and Henry Winkler.

“For me, the most important thing is to be working and doing great work,” Mr Diaz said.