Speedster, would-be-fishers caught out


By Alesha Capone

Police have fined a driver who was allegedly caught travelling at 100 kilometres over the speed limit in Werribee this morning.

State Highway Patrol West members intercepted a Holden Commodore on the Princes Freeway about 2am.

The car, which was heading towards the city, was allegedly travelling at 110 kilometres when police first saw it. The car, which drove past the police officers, allegedly continued on and reached speeds of up to 200 kilometres.

Officers managed to intercept the vehicle near the Werribee multi-bypass and spoke to a 36-year-old Norlane man.

He allegedly told police that he was headed towards Melbourne to go to Colac via Ballarat Road, to avoid the Geelong checkpoint.

The man, who did have a valid reason for travel, is expected to be charged on summons with several traffic offences including speed dangerous, excessive speed and drive whilst disqualified.

The Commodore, which belongs to the man’s aunt, was impounded with costs of $1023.70.

In a separate incident, police have also spoken to four passengers from the Wyndham area, who were located inside a car travelling through a vehicle checkpoint.

The motorists told police their reason for travelling was to go fishing in Geelong. They were all issued with fines for breaching the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.