Snippets of Wyndham history book donated to Werribee schools

Werribee and District Historical Society secretary Lance Pritchard. Photo: Damjan Jane

The history of Werribee and its surrounding suburbs will never be forgotten, if the local historical society has its way.

Werribee and District Historical Society will donate a copy of its Snippets of Wyndham book to every school in the city in a bid to educate future generations on the region’s rich history.

The book, released last year, features 60 photographs as well as diagrams, maps and text outlining the history of the region’s Indigenous people and European settlement.

A lecture series will be delivered by society members – at schools’ request – to years nine and 10 classes across Wyndham.

The lectures will cover Aboriginal history, development of the Werribee township and a ‘then and now’ look at the town.

Society secretary Lance Pritchard says the book and lecture series will be of great benefit to younger generations.

“It gives a feeling of belonging to students,” Mr Pritchard said. “The more you know about your area, the more connected you feel.

“It also keeps the history alive for future generations.

“If we don’t record it and pass it on, it gets lost,” Mr Pritchard said.

He said many people didn’t realise that, in its earlier days, Werribee had a different location, starting “virtually down the end of Heaths Road”, at Waterfront Boulevard.

Mr Pritchard said the geological history of the area was also of great interest, with most of the clay found in the region having originated at Mount Macedon.

Schools interested in the lecture series or books can contact Mr Pritchard on 9749 2713.

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