Wyndham artists breathe life into old shire offices

Artists Carolyn Warren-Langford, Caroline Esbenshade, William Keane, Liam Prato, Jackson Robbins and Steph Payne. Photo: Damjan Janevski

Wyndham artists are breathing new life into the old shire offices at Werribee.

A team of Wyndham Arts Incubator artists – including Caroline Esbenshade, Stephanie Payne, Samantha and Gordon Napier, Carolyn Warren-Langford, Will Francis, Remo Pitisano and Camilo Perez – will run workshops, host pop-up shops and work on, as well as exhibit, their work from two rooms at the rear of the Duncans Road building.

Wyndham council has set up the ‘incubator’ after feedback from local artists called for a space to connect and create art in central Werribee and enhance the city’s arts and cultural development.

Musician Stephanie Payne will use the space to hold folk music jams and songwriting workshops.

“I’ve loved watching the changes in our arts community,” Ms Payne said. “I’m lucky to be part of it.”

Meanwhile, Remo Pitisano and Camilo Perez have assembled a team of 10 students and artists from the Wyndham Community and Education Centre to create a youth publication.

The team, which includes Jackson Robbins, Liam Prato and William Keane, is currently deciding on the name, style and format of the publication and will soon put out a call for submissions.

Artists who are interested in holding workshops, meet-ups or other arts-related activities at the Wyndham Arts Incubator can contact Bec Cole on bec.cole@wyndham.vic.gov.au