School is cool for family

Sarah Peters and her twins Lachlan and Jordan. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

Going to school is a family affair for Sarah Peters and her twins, Jordan and Lachlan.
Mrs Peters is an office administrator at Baden Powell College’s Tarneit P-9 campus, where Lachlan and Jordan started grade prep this year.
Mrs Peters said she began working in the school’s office as a trainee during 2009, before being offered an ongoing role the next year. She went on maternity leave in 2014 and started back at work this year.
“They (the college) wanted me to come back and luckily, I have good bosses, and they wanted the twins as well,” Mrs Peters said.
“What I love most is that the ladies I work with are like mums, they are like family.
“They see my kids as theirs, and not just mine – they think of all the kids that way, as well.”
Jordan and Lachlan, who are aged six, said they had made lots of new friends since starting school.
The brother and sister both said playing was their favourite part of attending school.
“I have learned to draw, I can draw unicorns,” Jordan said.
“I learned to build blocks into a racecar,” Lachlan said.
Lachlan said that he would like to become a vet when he grows up, while Jordan said she hoped to become a firefighter.