Police impound vehicles as part of Operation Nexus

Police impounded a number of vehicles as part of Operation Nexus.

Michaela Meade

A 15-year-old boy allegedly driving dangerously and under the influence of alcohol was among those caught during a police Easter road blitz.

A Hoppers Crossing teen was pulled over in Altona about 7.30pm on Friday and allegedly returned a breath alcohol reading of 0.104.

The car was impounded and he is expected to be charged on summons with drink driving, unlicensed driving and other traffic offences.

In a separate incident, police detected a 15-year-old driving without a licence in Tarneit.

Another driver in Tarneit refused a breath test after driving through a red light at 107km/h in a 70km/h zone and an illegally modified motorised mountain bike was impounded in Hoppers Crossing.

The driver is expected to be charged with evading police, unlicensed driving and unregistered vehicle.

An overloaded car was also impounded in Hoppers Crossing.

Police allege there were four children, aged between 2 and 12 years of age, on the back seat.

A stolen car was recovered and three people were arrested in Hoppers Crossing.

Operation Nexus, a five-day police blitz to reduce road trauma during the long weekend, will conclude at 11:59pm Monday, April 5.