My Wyndham: Patrizia Accoglienza and Melinda Hall

Patrizia Accoglienza and Melinda Hall. Photo: Supplied.

Alesha Capone

My Wyndham: Werribee couple Patrizia Accoglienza and Melinda Hall, who count photography, videography, web and digital marketing design among their talents, run a business together called Photozigner. They chat with Alesha Capone.

You both live in Werribee?

Melinda: I was born and raised in Werribee, I’m now 32 years old.

Patrizia: I was also born in Werribee, moved to Queensland at 14 and then moved back to Werribee at 24.

What do you like most about the area?

Melinda: The accessibility to mostly anything. Parks, beaches, the city, the countryside, other towns that are close by, a few train stations. I love that Werribee and its surrounding areas is so central to anything that you need or want.

Patrizia: My both parents and their families migrated from Italy to Australia in 1962 and came to live in Werribee. Back in the day Werribee, had its own Italian community. I’m now 43, so I have seen Werribee grow over 43 years. I feel central to most things. I like day trips to Geelong, the city and the variety of beaches that are close by. It’s good for my photography. I love to just pop down to one of the numerous coffee shops for breakfast, I feel Werribee is becoming very trendy.

Melinda: I’m a bit artsy so I love the wine and cheese festival event at Werribee Mansion. I also have used other park lands and even an abandoned house in Werribee South for a concept photoshoot. There are some interesting areas around and after a little exploration, or a tip from friends or family, you’re always bound to find something you didn’t know was there.

Patrizia: I shoot mostly landscape photography. Campbells Cove is my favourite place to photograph, K Road cliffs, Werribee South, Werribee Mansion, Altona Pier and the city.

You also travelled around Asia and eastern Europe for seven months, creating a travel vlog?

Patrizia: I have been on three long trips with Melinda. I love being about to capture different images from different countries all over the world as well as taking in the culture. Vlogging was definitely a great experience but lots of hard work too. It took up most of our time, which distracted us from photography and design so we did decide it wasn’t for us.

Melinda: The vlog, The Photozigner Journey, was our major project that made us really understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working together. We have pivoted the Photozigner business a little more toward our skills and interests, focused on event and designs services. It’s a new challenge for us, but as you can see we seem to love a challenge.

Patrizia: We have only been back a little over a month and wanting to focus on the freelance work. We both have projects in the works that are focused on photography and design.