Landfill levy to rise

Werribee Tip. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

The state government’s landfill levy is set to rise under plans to reform the Victorian recycling system.
The levy, which is paid by tip operators and councils to the state government, is set to increase from $66 per tonne to $126 per tonne across the next three years.
A statement issued by Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the state government would progressively increase the landfill levy over the coming years, to bring it into line with other states.
“Victoria’s landfill levy is significantly lower than our neighbouring states, meaning Victoria is too often used as a dumping ground for waste coming from New South Wales and South Australia,” the statement said.
The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) welcomed the state government’s recycling reform plan, including the introduction of a container deposit scheme and four bins for each household.
However, the association’s rural deputy president, Ruth Gstrein, said the state government would need to work closely with councils, industry and others to achieve best outcomes for the community.
“The decision to increase the landfill levy isn’t unexpected,” Cr Gstrein said.
“Our main concern is that the money raised through the levy is invested back into the resource recovery system.”
The Australian Industry Group’s Victorian head, Tim Piper, said the higher landfill levy would increase costs at a difficult time, including for businesses in the recycling industry.
“Raising the costs of recycling will impede the important task of raising levels of recycling in Victoria because it will make recycling less profitable for the industry,” he said.
Wyndham council’s Director of City Operations, Stephen Thorpe, said: “Council will be working through what an increase in landfill levies means for Wyndham City and our ratepayers in the coming weeks.”