My Wyndham: Liz Smith and Kathryn Reitter

LtoR- Kathryn Reitter and Elizabeth Smith. (Joe Mastroianni). 232582_01

Twin sisters Liz Smith and Kathryn Reitter are the owners of Mirror Image Conveyancing in Hoppers Crossing. They also volunteer at the Werribee Tennis Club.

Did you grow up in Wyndham?

We are born and raised in Wyndham. Grew up in Hoppers Crossing and I now live in Werribee and Kathryn in Sanctuary Lakes. We love the feel of the community and how it comes together, particularly with our business.

Which local sporting groups are you involved in?

We are heavily involved with the Werribee Tennis Club. I am the secretary and Kathryn is the treasurer. We have played tennis since we were nine.

Roughly how long have you been running Mirror Image Conveyancing?

Mirror Image Conveyancing has been operating since May 2018.

When you were at school or studying later on, did you one day hope to run a business together?

No, we used to work together at another conveyancing office and then decided it would be good for us to open our own office. We should have done it years ago but never had the courage to take the leap.

You previously worked from home. What prompted you to make the move to some commercial space in Hoppers Crossing?

Our home based office was at each of our houses. We set up an office at the front. We employed a new staff member and then decided it was time to expand the business so we moved into the office.

Are any other members of your family involved in the business too?

No, however our Husbands and parents are super supportive and proud of what we do.

Are your clients mostly based in Wyndham, or the west?

We have a lot of clients in Wyndham, however we do have clients purchasing or selling throughout the whole of Victoria.