Muslims join Sikhs to help homeless youth

Jasvinder Sidhu. Picture: Damjan Janevski.

Members of Wyndham’s Muslim community are joining Sikhs to feed and protect the vulnerable.

Sohni Dharti, a not-for-profit group based in Williams Landing, was on the hunt for a project that would allow it to give back to the community.

Farouq Dar, of Sohni Dharti, said Let’s Feed – a program created by Tarneit’s Sikh community member Jasvinder Sidhu that provides school breakfasts and runs food donation drives – was a perfect fit.

Sohni Dharti and its members from the Pakistani community are involved with Let’s Feed on three fronts – the school breakfast program, a food donation drive that collects food for vulnerable residents, and a youth project aimed at raising $100,000 by the end of the year to help house Wyndham’s homeless young people.

“Many of our members take a lot out of this program,” Mr Dar said.

“It really helps some of the most marginalised communities in Australia, which is why we decided to get involved.

“Many of us have directly seen or experienced what marginalised communities go through so it was a cause close to us.

“That negative image of Islam you see of us projected in the media is not a true representation of the majority. We are trying to combat this.”