“Library Boys” share school stories

By Esther Lauaki

Point Cook’s Zane Borg and his mates had some epic stories to tell – so they decided to roll them all into a film.
The 21-year-old writer-director of the upcoming feature film, The Library Boys, said he and a few friends, all from the western suburbs, wanted to create “an honest portrayal of the Aussie adolescence”.
“The film was an entirely self-financed production, shot around my childhood home in Point Cook with the support of our community, friends and family,” Borg said.
“It is an autobiographical story about my own experiences in high school that I put to paper when I was 19.
“When I was in high school I had these two best mates, James and Mitch, and we weren’t the best students but what we did have was a tonne of great stories.
“So I decided to put them all into a film.”
But the film is only half complete so the crew launched an online crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 to cover post-production costs.
“As a 21-year-old film school dropout, it became my first feature length film, a challenge also taken on by most of our young cast,” Borg said.
“In that transition of being a teenager and being an adult, there’s so many ups and downs … I think it’s important to not really lock into one or the other you have to express it all.”