Level crossing works ramp up


By Alesha Capone

Residents and businesses located near the Werribee Street level crossing removal site have been told to expect some construction-related dust, noise and vibrations during May.

A letter sent out by the Level Crossing Removal Project (LCRP) said residents might also notice an increase in truck and work vehicles moving through the area while the crossing removal team erects its main compound site on Cottrell Street.

Smaller compounds will be installed along the rail line adjacent to the Princes Highway and Cottrell Street, to the south and north-west of the level crossing.

The compounds will include site offices, staff car parking and space to store construction materials and equipment.

The LRCP said it would take “every measure” to reduce the impacts of construction on nearby residents and businesses.

During May, the level crossing removal team will also relocate underground services such as gas, electricity and water.

Public car parking and the bus stop on the south side of Cottrell Street between Greaves and Werribee streets will be closed to make room for a temporary track for freight trains.

The general working hours of the level crossing removal crew will be Monday to Friday between 7am-6pm, and Saturday 7am-3pm.

Residents and businesses will be notified of works outside these hours.

Temporary lane closures will be put in place during off-peak times between 9.30am to 3pm, near the Werribee Street level crossing, although access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Details: levelcrossings.vic.gov.au, or 1800 105 105.