Bashing victim on way to miraculous recovery

Josh Lim, pictured before the bashing, is confident of making a miraculous full recover. (Supplied)


The victim of a brutal assault in Wyndham Vale who was in a coma for several weeks is making a full recovery.

Joshua Lim, 23, came to the aid of a female teenager on the night of February 18 as she was being harassed by a group of men outside her home.

His bravery resulted in severe injuries and has set him on a long road to recovery.

Speaking exclusively to Star Weekly, Mr Lim said that before the incident he spent most of his time working in his own business as a bricklayer.

“I was flat out with work,” he said.

“I had some time off over Christmas and life was good.”

But on February 18 his life was turned upside down.

“I don’t remember the incident in full,” he said. “I got rushed straight to the hospital from the scene in a coma.”

Mr Lim underwent extensive surgery and eventually pulled through.

“The doctor said there is a chance it could be either bad or good; it was all up to my head strength,” he said. “The right side [of my skull]was all cut out because I was bleeding when I went in.”

In early March he went into a rehabilitation facility where he began his recovery.

“I was in lock-down with other brain injury patients. I wasn’t allowed to leave the building,” he said. “I’d go to gym, speak to a counsellor, and always wear a helmet. I still wear a helmet until I can get [most likely] a steel plate put in.”

Although he is confident he’ll make a full recovery, Mr Lim cannot work or drive a car for another nine months.

Reflecting on the ordeal, and preparing for what’s to come, he said he wouldn’t have been able to survive without the support of friends, family, doctors, nurses and one special person.

“One person that was making it all better and was there to take me home is my fianceé,” he said.

Wyndham Crime Investigation Unit’s Senior Constable Alan Hill said several people were being questioned over the assault on Mr Lim and charges were pending.

A community-led crowdfunding campaign for him is still running, providing financial assistance through the recovery process.

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