Events for diversity

The ‘Unite for Diversity: Listen, Share, Understand’ campaign is set to be launched in Wyndham.

The campaign comprising various activities and events designed to foster understanding and trust, while aiming to diminish racism and discrimination within our community.

Throughout April and May, this series features a free program of intimate events to enable cross-cultural exchange and awareness, including First Nations cultural exchange events, community dinners, interfaith open days and a Youth Healing Workshop.

Additionally, the series will offer an inclusion and diversity training workshop for local sports clubs, aimed at enhancing cultural awareness and inclusivity.

Anti-racism workshops will also be part of the initiative, focusing on understanding the impact of racism in our community and exploring ways to find allies, and effectively speaking up and standing up against racism.

Wyndham mayor Jennie Barrera said the series celebrates Wyndham’s strength as one of the most diverse regions in Australia.

“A total 48 per cent of our residents are born overseas, and nearly 50 percent speak a language other than English,” she said.

“Wyndham is also home to a large and diverse First Nations population. The Unite for Diversity series is designed to break down barriers and encourage curiosity and kindness by bringing people together to share their unique stories and experiences and to celebrate what we have in common.”