A full circle trip

Adventurer Michael Smith will take off from Point Cook on Saturday to recreate the first flight around Australia. (Ljubica Vrankovic)396567_06

To commemorate the 100th anniversary since the first flight around Australia, Sun Theatre owner Michael Smith will be taking off on a solo journey around the country, copying the same flight himself.

The 2016 Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year will retrace this historic journey following the original anti-clockwise route in the modern seaplane “Southern Sun.”

Michael will take off from the very same spot in Point Cook air base for the adventure of a lifetime, which he is eager to begin.

“I think it is a big deal because at the time aviation was in its infancy,” he said.

“In 1919 they managed the first flight from England to Australia,” he said as he recalled the trip he replicated in 2019.

“It’s amazing to think that it took five more years before they could fly around Australia, because Australia was so undeveloped compared to going through Asia and Europe.”

It took them 44 days to complete the trip which Michael will be retracing.

“I will be using the same landing places on the same dates, my plane will be a bit more reliable giving me a fair bit of time to go around,” he said.

With a mixture of excitement and nervousness, Michael will begin his trip on Saturday, April 6.

“I have installed a satellite dish in the front of the plane, so I have internet as I go around the country so that I can do some live broadcasting.

“My aim is to tell the story of that original trip as I go along during the trip myself.”

Sponsored by Australian Geographic and Bremont, the voyage will be photographed, journalled and filmed.

Those eager to follow along can tune in to Southern Sun TV YouTube on Facebook and Instagram.

Jennifer Pittorino.