Dial zero for heroes

Pavelpreet has been named a Junior Triple Zero Hero. (Joe Mastroianni). 244135_01

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham Vale youngster Pavelpreet Kaur Guliani has been recognised for her bravery and quick-thinking when calling triple-0, after her mother experienced severe abdominal pain last year.

Pavelpreet, who was aged eight at the time, was last week announced as a recipient of the Junior Triple Zero Hero award.

The annual awards, held by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), recognise children for their courage and clear thinking during emergencies.

Twenty other young Victorians aged between five and 13 were also named as Junior Triple Zero Heroes last week, after being nominated by the ESTA operators who took theirs calls.

Due to pandemic restrictions, this year’s awards were not presented in a formal ceremony at the MCG, but the young heroes will have their medals mailed to them.

Pavelpreet said she was excited to find out she would receive a Junior Triple Zero Hero Award.

Pavelpreet said that in July last year, she was doing online classes with Riverbend Primary School, when her mother arrived home from work.

Her mother, Manpreet, did not feel well and went to rest. It was not long before Manpreet developed bad stomach pains and started vomiting.

Pavelpreet said she came into the room to find her mother “almost unconscious”.

She called triple-0 and the operator told her to keep her mum awake and talking, in the 20 minutes or so before paramedics arrived.

“I was scared but I had to be brave for her,” Pavelpreet said.

Pavelpreet also packed her mother’s purse, ID and keys before they left in the ambulance and made sure the doors to their house were locked.

Upon arriving in hospital, Manpreet was diagnosed with a particularly severe bout of food poisoning.

Manpreet, who said she had barely been able to talk before the ambulance arrived, credited Pavelpreet for calling triple-0 of her own accord.

“She saved my life that day, I was barely conscious,” Manpreet said.