Couple reeling from burglary

Burglars ransacked the couple's home. Photo: Supplied.

By Alesha Capone

A husband and wife have been left devastated after burglars ransacked their Point Cook house and stole many of their possessions, including their cars.
The couple, who asked not be identified, said they were overseas when the thieves broke into their rental house.
They said the burglary occurred between December 22 and 29, and the thieves would have most likely needed to make multiple trips to and from the house in order to transport the sheer volume of items they stole.
The wife said that before breaking into the house, the offenders cut off the home’s electricity from the outside mains box.
The offenders entered the house after removing tiles from the roof, cutting off the security sensor and removing an IP camera (a digital video camera which allowed the couple to monitor the home from online).
In addition to stealing the couple’s three cars, the burglars stole three televisions, an Xbox, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Samsung laptop and diamond and gold jewellery.
The couple said the thieves also stole shoes, clothes, small pieces of furniture, kitchen appliances, a cat carrier bag, make-up and even bed sheets.


Photo: Supplied.

“They took our credit card, Mastercard, some of our ID’s and also the Xerox copy of our passports, and other things,” the wife said.
She said the burglary has had “a significant impact” upon her and her husband’s lives.
“We are totally messed up now,” she said.
“We weren’t able to stay at that home, due to the fear of the offenders, if they could come back again.”
The woman said she, her husband and their cats were staying in the living room of a friends’ share house.
“Our real state agent still didn’t fix everything in our home yet, we are paying the rent as well,” she said.
To make matters worse, last year the woman’s husband lost his job.
Unfortunately, the couple did not have contents insurance either.
The woman said she and her husband had reported the burglary to police.
One of their cars was found burnt out in Bacchus Marsh on January 19.
Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.