Point Cook tag team makes strong point on graffiti

A team of Point Cook residents is on a mission to stamp out graffiti in their suburb.

They hope that in time their anti-graffiti taskforce will expand to cover all of Wyndham.

The taskforce, initially set up by the Point Cook Action Group, has begun ridding Point Cook of graffiti by painting over tags on sound barriers and walls along Palmers Road with the help of the Masters Williams Landing store.

Group member Paul Harder said residents volunteered their time to paint over the graffiti because they wanted to put a stop to the “offensive” behaviour.

“I think people find graffiti offensive,” he said. “People who do it feel like they have right to do it, but they don’t.”

Mr Harder said that while there was no magic method to stop graffiti, he hoped painting over tags soon after they appeared would teach vandals that spraying public and private property was a waste of time.

“I think people really want to put an end to this problem so we’re hoping this can become a Wyndham-wide program,” he said.

The Point Cook anti-graffiti taskforce was formed after a council decision to create a graffiti management strategy.

Under the strategy, the council will introduce areas where street art is permitted and will
run education programs for school-aged children.

The parks department, which removes graffiti, will have its budget increased from $390,000 to $405,990 a year.