IN FOCUS: Elevating travel to greater heights

Travel specialist Mark Elevato has the world at his fingertips. (Photo Joe Mastroianni)

By Samantha Freestone

Imagine you are organising a European holiday, or even a holiday to some far-out destination.

You want to know where to go, what to do; you want an expert a phone call away 24/7 and an itinerary that reassures you every step of the way.

That’s where Mark Elevato of Elevate Travel and Cruise and his specialist knowhow come in.

Mark, a personalised travel specialist, runs Elevate Travel and Cruise employing staff both here and in Sydney.

He has offices in Werribee and Sydney, but mostly he visits clients’ homes – this approach is a real advantage of his business model.

Over a tea or coffee, Mark figures out his clients’ requirements and gets to work creating exactly the holidays they want, on budget and with itineraries so detailed they’re akin to having a tour guide.

“Some of my itineraries are over 30 pages in length. I include everything,” he says.

“With the advent of online travel purchasing options, as well as chain-style travel agencies, a lot of people get confused with what and who to trust.

“With destinations like Europe, they want to know where the train in Florence is, for instance, or how to get to a good restaurant when they touch down in Paris … I can offer that level of detail.

“I love to travel – which is why my business is growing, together with the personal service and the fact I am available on the phone 24/7 while you’re away.”

Mark says with that with every travel package sold, his mobile number is front and centre.

“Other than your house and your car, a holiday is the next biggest investment and we take that fact very seriously.

“We offer personalised service with tailor-made itineraries and prices comparible to online providers, but with the benefit of support from a real person.”

Mark’s hundreds of happy clients invariably return for more of the same personal touch.

“I have clients who have been with me for a while just say, ‘I want to go to Italy’,” he says. “I know their rough budget and tastes, their specific requirements and am able to organise the first draft of their itinerary quite quickly as I have taken the time to get to know them. This is the advantage of Elevate Travel and Cruise.”


Elevate Travel and Cruise. Inquiries: 0412 711 494 or email