Catholic Education Week: Many journeys … one community

Opening school mass. (Photo supplied)

By Star Weekly

“In the current political and social arena, MacKillop College is proud to stand as a miniature representation of our society and all the possibilities therein. We are responsive to the needs of our students and our community, striving continuously to improve the educational experiences and opportunities presented. MacKillop College is about its students. About giving each individual a voice, and the tools and understanding to become a part of a global community that lives to contribute to a better way of life. We are a co-educational secondary Catholic College named after St Mary MacKillop, co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and, just as the Sisters of St Joseph were committed to education being inclusive of those who could not afford it, MacKillop College is committed to cultural inclusivity and a love of diversity.

It is in service to this that we continue to develop our International Program, reaching into Europe and Asia with international trips, homestay opportunities and immersion programs. It is also in service to this that we bring those cultures closer to home for those who are not able to travel internationally. In combination with Languages Week, Harmony Week and Music Week, diversity is celebrated. While students can feast on food from all over the world, they are also able to revel in new cultures and engage in French, Italian and Japanese.

We also continuously hope to expand the way in which we share and experience the voices within our College community, by exploring personal stories in more depth. Whether through art, prose, sport, style, debating, Animé, chess, community projects or pastoral care, MacKillop College facilitates and encourages students to discover what might give them the rounded education and sense of dignity they deserve. In this past year, we’ve seen students gain success in everything from skeet shooting, to international basketball, to dance, music and more. We’ve had the privilege to award students for overcoming immense personal challenges as well as performing exceptionally academically. We’ve also had the privilege to support our students as they stood up for the environment, equity and each other. Mary MacKillop spoke of the smallness of who we are – reminding us we are but travellers among billions of travellers in an ever-expanding universe. Just so, MacKillop College is an introduction. There’s a reason the school motto is ‘Celebrating all life; Challenging all people; Dreaming the new day.’ We live and learn for a brighter, more educated and inclusive future. We are a community that believes in each other, our intent ever being to play our part in developing the whole person spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically, to enable students to become proactive and responsible global citizens.”

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Diversity parade. (Photo supplied)