Catholic Education Week: Smooth move to high school

Thomas Carr College is creating a Catholic learning community by partnering with four primary schools in Melbourne’s western suburbs. (Photo supplied)

By Carole Levy

A partnership between five schools aims to create a quality Catholic learning community with strong parish links in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The schools are Thomas Carr College and St James the Apostle Primary School, St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, St Francis of Assisi Primary School and St Peter Apostle Primary School.

Reflected in their vision statements, each school has its own Catholic identity that demonstrates a focus on faith education.

Thomas Carr College principal Craig Holmes shares the vision statement of each school.

• St James the Apostle Primary School has a new Vision Statement: As a Catholic learning community of hope, inspired by the Gospel, we are empowered to embrace excellence through innovation.

• Thomas Carr College’s Vision Statement: Thomas Carr College is a dynamic Catholic learning community, guided by gospel excellence, and opportunities to develop are pursued through hope and service to others to shine our light into the world.

• St Peter Apostle Primary School’s Vision Statement: Learn, relate and live in the light of the Catholic faith.

• St Francis of Assisi Primary School’s Vision Statement: A vibrant Catholic learning community of peace, justice, respect and excellence

• St Clare’s Catholic Primary School’s Vision Statement: A community of Faith and Learning. Uniting, Serving, Empowering.

The principals at each of the five schools meet regularly to collaborate and share new ideas and possibilities for the future.

Mr Holmes says: “We work together to create a seamless transition program that assists grade 6 students to move from primary school to secondary school.

“In the coming weeks, Thomas Carr College will welcome the Grade 5 students from the four primary schools.

“The college and the primary schools work together each year to develop the grade 5 visits program where primary students are able to get their first taste of high school life.

“These visits mark the beginning of the transition program, on which the schools work tirelessly to achieve a seamless transition from primary school to secondary school.”

Thomas Carr College, 36 Thomas Carr Road, Tarneit. Inquiries: 8734 2444 or visit


St Clare’s Catholic Primary School (Photo supplied)


St Peter Apostle Primary School. (Photo supplied)


St Peter Apostle Primary School. (Photo supplied)


St James the Apostle Primary School. (Photo supplied)