My Business: Active Audiology listens to customers

By Star Weekly

In a world where large corporations are gobbling up smaller businesses, Active Audiology in Altona is proudly flying the flag for independence, refusing to surrender its autonomy and ability to deliver a hearing service by expert professionals in the field.Cris Ivanidis, audiologist of 20 years standing and owner of Active Audiology for the past eight, believes these big companies are actually undermining the hearing profession.

“We’re seeing more and more companies, with no traditional affiliation with the hearing profession, now offering people diverse services within the health sector, with hearing facilities ‘tacked on’,” he says.

“These large corporates may not have the best intentions or ethics when treating hearing loss, especially in the young or elderly.

“We do only hearing services. We don’t sell insurance, glasses, groceries or coffins et al on the side. One hundred per cent of our time and resources are dedicated to successful hearing device fittings and an absolutely personalised service that makes people feel welcome and cared for – and listened to.”

Clinicians at Active Audiology are locally trained – and hired only if they demonstrate the right ethics and professional standards when counselling and treating hearing loss. And, of course, being independent means the clinic is free of commercial bias and corporate control.

“Our clients are never pushed into buying a particular brand, whether suitable or not – both in terms of effectiveness and cost,” Cris explains. “We have all the brands to meet a wide range of requirements, and only ever guide our clients into the right hearing device for them. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here.”

Marina Opacak, a talented audiologist who works alongside Cris, shares a story that embodies what Active Audiology is about – and could never be emulated by the big players making lots of noise in the marketplace.

“We recently saw a distressed client who worked in a call centre and was struggling to hear customers. Her confidence was shattered and she was stressed about being able to continue in her job.

“A great deal of care was taken in counselling this client on her emotional concerns,” Marina explains.

“It turned out that a hearing device was going to be the best solution to letting her hear conversations clearly, especially when working. We tried several small models and by the end of it, she was back to being her old self again.

“The process took longer than normal because we knew she needed extra attention and care with her hearing management. That’s what we do regularly. It’s what we’re about.”

It should be noted that right now, Active audiology is offering free 14-day trials of the latest hearing technology.

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