IN FOCUS: A woman’s touch in Wyndham

(Photo Joe Mastroianni)

By Samantha Freestone

Women’s Health Hub is a new medical clinic in Wyndham offering women the privacy and comfort that can only come from a female-led practice. The clinic is the only practice of its kind in the west and boasts an all-female general practice staff.

Chief executive Scott Vickers-Willis who owns the popular and well-regarded Hoppers Lane General Practice nearby, saw a need for a women-specific centre that catered to all female-specific medical issues.

“With the population boom in Wyndham, it was clear to me there was a need for a female-focused clinic.

“Wyndham is full of young families and there are a lot of babies being born. With that comes the post-natal medical care … but beyond that need, there are other female-specific medical issues that many women want to treat with the help of another woman. It is as simple as that.

“With that knowledge, we started building the clinic you see today, one that caters to female-specific health needs in one place and I feel it complements the Hoppers Lane practice really well.

Scott says the practice specialises in women’s health including obstetrics, contraception, fertility, – even dietetics, menopause and hormonal issues.

“What sets us apart is the fact we are an integrated clinic for all women’s health needs.

“On-site we also have a pelvic floor specialist and gynaecologist, perform minor procedures and offer sexual health testing and counselling services.

“You can come to us and experience end-to-end healthcare, from initial consultation to diagnosis and finally, treatment. We even have pathology in-house so there is no need to make several trips to get you on your road to health.”

Scott says Women’s Health Hub is a family-friendly affair, despite its name.

“Yes, we are unabashedly pro women’s health and women medicine, but we are a centre for the whole family,” he says.

“It often works better this way, as the lady of the house will be able to look after her children, and herself, all in the same place. Dads, of course, are welcome, too.”

Women’s Health Hub bulk-bills, cares about your sensitive health needs and wants you to have the opportunity to have the female-focused care a woman can only receive from female practitioners.

“All of our GPs are female and most of our specialists are also women,” Scott says. “With the population explosion in the Wyndham area, Women’s Health Hub was definitely needed and we are excited to offer this special service to our local residents. We welcome women of all ages, mothers and their families to the clinic. We are a family clinic and welcome boys and men.”


Women’s Health Hub, 236 Hoppers Lane, Werribee. Opens 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturdays. Closed Sundays. Inquiries: 8652 5441 or visit