Container cafe: Kenny Weir’s search for the perfect burger goes industrial

Container cafe, Truganina. Photo: Kenny Weir

Across the new frontiers of the industrial west, there’s a cafe at least every couple of kilometres.

And, these days, all but the most rigorously old-school make some efforts to provide a variety of food.

Some of it is even healthy – salads and the like.

Still, some habits die hard … and there are traditions to uphold.

I reckon most of these hundreds of places would cop complaints if the stalwart potato cakes and deep-fried, nuggety-hard dimmies weren’t on hand.

Despite all this, I am nevertheless expecting something different from Container Cafe.

This place is being run, after all, by the same crew responsible for the very cool Yarraville cafe Woven, which has been turning out fine tucker for a few years now.

But, on entering the place for the first time, what do I see? Yup, potato cakes and dimmies.

Turns out, in this sort of joint, in this sort of place, some things are just mainstays, as they say.

As I look around the “container”, I discover plenty of good signs that this is not just another tradie-style eatery.

For one thing, space dictates that there is no bain marie here – so most everything is prepared fresh.

In a heated display cabinet on the counter, there are Ka Pies!

And alongside the regulation-issue HP Sauce is a range of hot saucy offerings.

Finally, there is the Container Cafe menu – plenty of carb’n’grease, should they be desired – and plenty else besides.

Souther Fried Chicken Burger. Container cafe, Truganina. Photo: Kenny Weir
Souther Fried Chicken Burger. Container cafe, Truganina. Photo: Kenny Weir

My southern fried chicken burger ($11.50) is a killer – maybe even the best chook burger I’ve eaten. The thigh meat is crisp on the outer, and oh-so-very juicy and delicious on the inside.

My outstanding burger comes with terrific rough-cut slaw, very good melted cheese and pickles.

Cuban Sandwich. Container cafe, Truganina. Photo: Kenny Weir
Cuban Sandwich. Container cafe, Truganina. Photo: Kenny Weir

The Cuban sandwich is another outright winner – superb value for $10, and getting extra points straightaway for being made with the appropriate, Cuban-style bread.

The innards are a wonderfully gooey mix of melted gruyere, pickles, pulled pork and ham.

From what I’ve seen on two visits, Container Cafe is already a hit with workers passing through.

In finer weather, I fully expect to see this place attract a wider crowd from a broader area.

Container Cafe is open 5am-3pm Monday-Friday, though that could change, depending on weather and demand.

Kenny Weir is the founder of Consider the Sauce, the definitive guide to eating in Melbourne’s western suburbs –