Support Wyndham businesses and buy local

Buying groceries from Wyndham businesses can have a big impact on the wider community. (iStock)

With Stage 4 restrictions now in place across Greater Melbourne, you may be wondering how you can continue to support Wyndham businesses.

One important way of helping the local economy is by buying your groceries and essential products from independent Wyndham businesses.

Wyndham is home to many grocers, butchers, bakers and other food suppliers who sell fresh, high-quality produce – much of it from local farms and surrounds.

Wyndham mayor Cr Josh Gilligan said something as simple as buying your essentials from Wyndham suppliers would have a big impact on the wider community.

“The majority of Wyndham businesses are operated by Wyndham residents, so when you buy local you are supporting your neighbours,” Cr Gilligan said.

“For every $100 spent in the local Wyndham economy, $67.16 stays in Wyndham, so it really is worthwhile shopping at our independent businesses for your groceries.

“In addition, Werribee South is one of Melbourne’s major food bowls, being home to a vast array of incredible farms, some of which have been operating for generations.

“When you buy from a local Wyndham food supplier it often really is a paddock-to-plate experience.”

Casaccio Egg Farm for instance, is a family-run egg farm in Werribee that was established in 1966 and is still going strong today. The business is now delivering farm-fresh eggs to your door.

Wyndham Cache, located in K Road, Werribee South, is delivering eggs from LT’s Egg Farm – which adjoins the K Road property – as well as a range of specialist produce from its deli including delicious homemade sauces, poultry cuts, boiled lollies and more – sure to lift your spirits while you spend time at home.

For your fruit and veg, look no further than The Veggie Car, while La Bellissima Pasta has gourmet fresh and premade meals that are perfect for those days you don’t feel like cooking.

Wyndham also has many high-quality butchers who are delivering to homes, including The Dry Aged Meat Co on Old Geelong Road and Station Place Meats in Hoppers Crossing, in addition to Infinity Blue barramundi farm.

Cr Gilligan said these were just a handful of businesses that are selling and delivering essential produce in Wyndham.

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