Check in and Chat

Wyndham City Council’s community liaison officer, Natalie Dimitriadis. (Photo supplied)

Missing that human connection? Worried about a friend, relative or neighbour doing it tough on their own?

As we enter stage four restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the social and physical isolation can be challenging.

Feeling lonely can affect people of all ages, especially when we are missing day-to-day social interactions and may not have support networks around us.

Wyndham City Council’s Check in and Chat service is a free phone service available to anyone in the Wyndham community who may be feeling lonely and would benefit from a regular phone check-in and friendly chat.

After registering for the service, you’ll be paired with a friendly staff member for a regular chat on a scheduled day and time.

Check in and Chat is run by staff members from council’s community centres and is available in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Tamil, Tigrinya, Amharic, Gujarati, Konkani, Spanish and other languages via TIS National.

Wyndham City Mayor, Josh Gilligan said the service is providing benefit to residents from a range of ages and backgrounds.

“Loneliness can affect all of us and it can be especially hard when we’re dealing with other issues in our life,” Cr Gilligan said.

“Being able to share your day – good or bad – and to talk through your worries and the things going on in your life with someone is incredibly important for our wellbeing.”

As well as social support, the Check in and Chat service is also helping residents to connect with other local services, from food relief and short-term housing to financial counselling and mental wellbeing.

“People’s needs are often multifaceted, especially during isolation where there can be a range of pressures and practical needs,” Cr Gilligan said.

“We’re seeing that first-hand, through council’s response to local requests for support via the state government’s Coronavirus hotline.”

Wyndham City Council is working closely with the Red Cross, to respond to requests for assistance via the Coronavirus hotline and to connect residents with local support agencies, providers and not-for-profit groups.

“From emergency housing options, to finding out which local pharmacies might deliver in their area, council is working together with community providers to help residents find the support they need,” Cr Gilligan said.

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