‘Experimental’ school a proven success 50 years on

MacKillop College continues to evolve. (Pictures: Supplied/National Photography)

This year has been strange at best – tumultuous at worst. But MacKillop College stands strong as it adapts to a rapidly changing world.

Our 50th anniversary year is far from what anyone expected, especially in an educational context. From staff to students, creative strategies and acts of leadership have navigated our community through shifting classroom environments. We have learnt from each other, taking inspiration from the ideas and knowledge of others to transform learning spaces into online forums before returning to the classroom – whatever that return may look like.

During 2020, we have seen the same dedication, persistence and community spirit that was shown by the founding members of the College 50 years ago. Beginning as a single prefabricated building with just four classrooms and 102 students, MacKillop was the ‘experiment’ that strove to be a contemporary educational establishment.

50 years on, with great persistence and commitment, the Josephites, College staff and students helped the 1970 ‘experiment’ become the multi-complex facility we have today, continually evolving to maintain the initial goal of being contemporary, and fostering a passion for learning, cultural inclusivity and diversity.

Our theme for the year, ‘Gratitude is the memory of the heart’ (Mary MacKillop 1907), reminds us of how fortunate we are, and prompts us to do good and be kind in these extraordinary circumstances.

The College’s namesake, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, leads us still, with the theme encouraging students to think of what they can do, broadening their mindsets and skill-sets, and guiding them to become proactive and responsible global citizens of society.

Seemingly more than ever, we live by our vision ‘celebrating all life, challenging all people, dreaming the new day’, guiding and inspiring each other to be and do better, acknowledging our successes and those of others.

While we look back on 50 years of successful education, we also look forward to the changes and prospects to come, towards new strategies to nourish and develop future generations.

Applications for enrolment to Year 7, 2022, are now open and will close on October 9, 2020.

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