A shared journey

Students in all year levels are encouraged to explore their capabilities. (Pictures: Supplied)

Judy Sobey, primary principal at Geelong Baptist College, says the school’s journey is a collaborative one between students, parents and teachers.

She adds that students are guided to develop their skills and talents in order that they may contribute positively to the college community and beyond.

“Our co-educational college values individual endeavour and academic rigour, balanced with a servant heart and a desire to improve our communities,” Ms Sobey says.

“We strive to assist our students to unpack their gifts and talents in order to bless others, and to strive to make a difference.

“Our staff is dedicated to providing all our students – from foundation to year 12 – with extensive pastoral care with the aim of guiding them to establish healthy relationships that will equip them to respond appropriately to life’s challenges.

“A strength of our college is its capacity to provide accessible, supportive and meaningful education to a community of learners. Our open enrolment policy ensures that all families can access a community with a rich and varied culture, one which is indicative of the real world they will ultimately need to thrive in.

“We aim to empower all our students to behave in ways that will enable them to integrate meaningfully into our changing and challenging world.

“Each student is unique and we seek to explore their capabilities and competencies – to help them direct their studies in those areas wherein lie their strengths.”

Geelong Baptist College offers both VCE and VCAL courses to cater for the different skills and aspirations of students, who can also choose to complete VET courses. As well, School Based Apprenticeships are available for students who would benefit from that pathway.

Ms Sobey and secondary principal Neil Wetmore are proud of the year 9 Edge program, which they say is presented at a very critical time in the lives of adolescent students.

“The program is designed to assist students to develop their skills, know their limitations and bring understanding and awareness of their own communities,” Ms Sobey explains. “It also assists in enabling them to integrate meaningfully into society as they mature.”

Find out more about the Edge program and all that GBC offers by visiting the website below.

School tours are encouraged, with doors open by appointment for prospective families to take a personalised college introduction and meet the principals and perhaps some student leaders.

Geelong Baptist College, 590 Anakie Road, Lovely Banks. Inquiries: 5260 9999 or