Celebrating a milestone and a legacy

Mary Traianon with her kids Lisa Lambley, Diane Traianon Ruleski and Adam Traianon. (Photo Damjan Janevski)

Carole Levy

Facing challenges is par for the course in establishing and maintaining any business, but one of the most testing is when personal tragedy strikes the family leading the business.Mary Traianon, who co-founded D&M Traianon in 1980, knows, sadly, all about this, writes Carole Levy.

In 1999, the business was jolted by the passing of Don, her adored husband and deeply affectionate, supportive father of their three children, the youngest 17 at the time.

From the beginning, Don and Mary were an inseparable team, harnessing their individual skills, with three young kids in tow, to navigate their way through the hard slog of making their name in the ups-and-downs of the business world.

But, as Don and Mary’s youngest daughter Diane explains, the family name was already well known and respected in their Wyndham community long before D&M Traianon (now TC Landscapes) started.

“The qualities mum and the siblings treasured most in dad was his joviality and his kind-heartedness. Looking back, I can see that people everywhere responded to those same qualities,” she says.

“Whenever I was out and about with dad, I was constantly amazed by how many people he knew, and vice versa. Even if he was in a rush, he’d always stop for a chat and look for ways to drop an encouraging word, or offer a helping hand.”

Adam, the middle child and current-day manager of TC Landscapes, totally agrees, as does big sister Lisa.

“Dad was really well regarded in our community,” Adam says with love and pride. “He and mum both brought their unique qualities to the business and, along with loads of hard work, effectively created a family legacy which we’re all keen to see thrive.”

The period following Don’s passing was particularly hard for everyone, but the family’s determination and unified purpose in maintaining his generous, honourable business ethos lit the way.

Building on that rock-solid foundation, the business has continued growing and evolving. This year, TC Landscapes celebrates its 40th anniversary, a significant milestone that means much to Mary and her family.

The company’s large team is involved in council roadside maintenance work (local and farther afield), and in major government and large civil and commercial Victorian projects.

Some of these over the years have included mowing of major highways for VicRoads, revegetation jobs, major landscaping of parks, and playground builds.

Don would be so chuffed.

TC Landscapes can be contacted on 
0418 581 867, email info@tclandscapes.com or visit www.tclandscapes.com