Break a Casaccio egg and make a community

“Another gorgeous customer spoiling us with this amazing passionfruit sponge. Thank you so much Doris, we’ve never tasted anything like it. The most delicious, light and fluffy sponge ever.”

Carole Levy

Any good cook will tell you that love is the secret ingredient of all great food. They’ll also be quick to say that using excellent produce is another.

Put both those qualities together and the results can be astounding – just ask Lina Casaccio-Sfetcopoulos, director of Werribee’s own Casaccio Egg Farm.

Third-generation egg farmer Lina says that her Italian family’s love of food has forged a Facebook community of friends and fellow foodies, many sharing photos of their amazing baked treats using Casaccio eggs.

“Sometimes our fabulous customers bring their goodies into the farmgate store to share.

“If anyone’s seen a better looking (and tasting) passionfruit sponge as the one Doris brought in [pictured], I’d be amazed,” Lina says. “It just might be one of the best showcases of our eggs ever!

“We’re so lucky to have tasted some wonderful Casaccio eggs-based food from our lovely customers – and to also see our product in such high demand,” Lina says.

“We love that we’re inspiring people to eat healthy and live a better life.”

Doris shares a tip for anyone thinking of attempting a similar creation: “I find the bigger the eggs, the better the sponge,” she says.

A family business, Casaccio has been farming quality eggs for more than a half-century, quietly going about its already successful business until the COVID-19 pandemic sent demand skyrocketing.

Now it seems everyone has cottoned on to the top-quality humpty-dumpties.

With lockdowns and isolation in play, the now-famous eggs can be had via a safe and contactless online order and delivery service.

Or visit the farm’s shop in person where you’ll get a warm (and pandemic-safe) welcome from managers Emma Casaccio-Adamo and Nicole Casaccio.

Lina suggests Australian Eggs Facebook page or @Australian Eggs on Instagram for some terrific recipes using eggs, as well as checking out some of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Keep cooking and Carry on’ egg-based recipes.

A final thought: can anyone beat Doris’ sponge? Without Casaccio eggs, probably not…

Casaccio Egg Farm, 170-198 Bulban Road, Werribee. Inquiries: 9741 0185, or join Casaccio Egg Farm’s Facebook group.