The Hillier View: Farewell 2015

Kevin Hillier looks back on 2015 with a touch of sadness

This is my final column for 2015 and when I reflect on the year it seems to have gone so fast. So has it been a productive year for the City of Wyndham? Have we seen improvements in traffic flow, our roads, public transport, parking and general services for the citizens of the city? Are we living in a safe and secure environment? Are our federal, state and local government officials representing us? Has the image of the city been uplifted? Are you proud to be a westie?

The only one of those reflective questions I can say ‘Yes’ to is the last one. I’m proud to be a westie, but that’s more about the people than the city. We all seem to complain about the same things every year but nothing changes.

Not one of our elected representatives appears to be able to make a difference and that was the case even when we had the Prime Minister of the country representing us. Politicians are quick to claim credit and lay blame but the ability to effect change seems beyond them. We need our leaders to be just that, and sooner rather than later.

One positive this year has been Pacific Werribee. While it is still a work in progress, it has made an impression and will attract people to the area to spend money.

Our Werribee South precinct is the jewel of the city and just gets better and better, while Wyndham Harbour will only make this even more of a tourist and visitor destination.

There certainly has been an effort to improve the CBD and I commend those behind it and wish them well, although they will have issues until the parking situation is fixed.

A bitter-sweet year 

I’ll remember 2015 with a touch of sadness as two of the most important men in my life passed – my dad Phil and my great mate John Nicol. RIP gents.

And I want to thank you for reading my column and for the feedback (both positive and negative) via email and face to face. I try to rattle a few cages and make people accountable. And as I’m entitled to my opinion, so is everyone else, which is why we have a letters to the editor page. Have a great Christmas and new year, keep safe and be happy. ■

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