Fines likely over Sydenham Road illegal dumping

Rubbish dumped along Sydenham Road. Picture: Google Street View

Another two residents have been identified as illegal dumpers by Brimbank council in a Delahey street known as a hotspot for hoon behaviour and dumped rubbish.

The council’s city development director, Stuart Menzies, said the two were likely to be fined following council inspections at Sydenham Road on December 5 and 6.

A number of people have already been prosecuted for dumping rubbish in the area.

“As recently as last weekend, council’s litter prevention officer inspected illegally dumped rubbish at the site on Saturday and Sunday,” Mr Menzies said.

“Investigations continue and we are confident that infringements will be issued for these offences.

“Council recognises the serious problems posed by illegal rubbish dumping and is constantly seeking ways to improve the service and amenity of our areas, and increase the levels of detection and enforcement,” he said.

“Illegal rubbish dumping is a problem at this location and it’s the subject of surveillance, inspections and clean-ups by council’s cleansing and compliance officers.”

Delahey resident Neil Hunichen recently called on the council to move a barrier closer to a connecting road and have access restricted to people with a pin number.

“There’s a significant amount of trade rubbish being dumped there,” Mr Hunichen said. “Asbestos sheets, animal carcasses and lots of bread and decaying food stuff [was left] after a local milkbar closed.”

However, Mr Menzies said the road could not be closed off any further because of the emergency access needs of Broadcast Australia, which runs the Sydenham transmission tower.

He said a sign outlining the penalties for illegal rubbish dumping, placed near Mr Hunichen’s home, would be moved – either “rotated or re-angled” – and extra signage installed.

Residents can alert council to illegal dumping through the MyBrimbank app or by calling 9249 4000.