Grammarians thriving with challenges

Gracie Lamers. (Ljubica Vrankovic) 403543_46

Tara Murray

Westbourne Grammarians are learning that the smallest things make the biggest difference in the Victorian Amateur Football Association women’s premier B competition.

Having reformed this season, the Grammarians were unsure what to expect this season, with the majority of the side having not played in the VAFA before.

Co-coach Ian Allan, who is also new to the competition, said they had been going really well despite not necessarily getting the wins on the board.

He said they had ticked a lot of boxes this season.

“It was an unknown and it was about trying to find out what the competition is about,” he said. “We were realistic about it. We’re taken some big baby steps forward in the first half.

“The group is understanding what we are about and what we are looking forward to doing.”

Allan said they had been in most games this season but had not been able to get across the line.

He said things many of the players could get away with previously in other leagues, they couldn’t at this level.

Allan said the players were loving the learning opportunity and what they were getting out of it, instead of racking up big wins each week.

“We knew it would be a big challenge at the start,” he said. “It’s the little things that make the difference.

“We’re in games for a half, three quarters. That is where we are at, at the moment.

“The girls are understanding even though they’ve won two games, it’s not all about the wins and losses.

“We want to make a huge investment in the competition. What we are about it not just about today, it’s for the coming weekend and into the coming years.”

The Grammarians have the weekend off with the interleague bye.

Allan said it came at a good time with a few injuries and illness in the club.

One player who won’t return is Caitlin Brennan who did her ACL and will miss the rest of the year.

Allan said it would also give them a chance to collect everyone’s thoughts for the rest of the season.

He said the side was hoping to get a few more wins on the board in the last few weeks of the season.

“What we want to learn this year and the way we’re playing football, we will start to get more wins.

“We’re definitely moving on the right track.”

The Grammarians will face Beaumaris next Saturday.