Co-coaches to lead Point Cook into next era

Point Cook
Brett Jacobs. Picture Wayne Hawkins

By Lance Jenkinson

Point Cook will take a unique path with its coaching set-up in the Western Region Football League division 1 next season.

The Bulldogs have opted to appoint co-coaches, with Brett Jacobs, 41, and Michael Boothey, 42, sharing responsibilities at the helm.

Jacobs, a former Sunshine Kangaroos and WRFL interleague coach, is excited to be working with Boothey, a former assistant coach of Deer Park and senior coach at Wyndham Suns.

“Every now and then as a footy club, you need to take a risk,” Jacobs said.

“Co-coaching might have caught people by surprise and a bit unusual, but we thought why not give it a crack?

“We think it can be successful.

“We’ve spoken a lot and we’re very much on the same page with how we want to play and how we see us setting up for 2020 and beyond.”

Jacobs is “pretty pumped” to be playing a part in Point Cook’s next phase.

After winning the second tier premiership in 2018, the Bulldogs stepped up to the top flight this season and were competitive for the most part, but they are keen to take strides up the

“We knew it was going to be a challenging year,” Jacobs said.

“To their credit, they boxed on and improved as the year went on.”

With a great foundation of young players and a strong junior system, Point Cook is looking to add some more seasoned players in order to become a finals challenger.

The Bulldogs are targeting specific players to fit with the short and long term plans of the club. At the top of the list is former Bulldogs who have slipped off the leash, followed by new
recruits that fit a certain age bracket.

“Our main target in recruiting is trying to get back to the club some Point Cook juniors who have left,” Jacobs said.

“We’ve got some good players running around in other colours at the moment.

“We’re sort of targeting guys in their mid 20s because we figure when our 16s and 18s and these kids start coming through, our older players will be 28, 29, 30 and still around and
showing the way.

“They will help establish the culture of the footy club and make us a better club.

“When those guys retire, our young kids will be ready to take over and then it’s a juggernaut coming through.”

Jacobs can sense an air of positivity among the players at Point Cook this off season.

He believes the players and coaches are all on the same page entering pre-season.

“We’ve been transparent with how we’re doing it, so they’ve been kept in the loop and understand fully where we’re at.”