Times Square Park upgrade unveiled

Upgraded play equipment at Times Square Park in Sanctuary Lakes.

The time has come to play at the new Times Square Park in Sanctuary Lakes.

Work is now complete on a $544,000 upgrade that has delivered a new playground

and swing set (including play elements for pre-school aged kids), nature play, a table

tennis table, sheltered seating area, additional bench seating and new bike loops.

Other features include an accessible ramped path connecting the play space to the

existing pram crossing and path network, expanded car park, new rubberised

surface to the existing exercise equipment and pet-friendly features, including a drink

fountain with dog bowl and bin with dog-bag dispenser.

Wyndham councillor Peter Maynard said these

works have enhanced the park’s appeal and accessibility.

“Times Square Park is a valued open space for Sanctuary Lakes residents, and this

upgrade ensures that the park remains a go-to destination for nearby residents and

the local community,” Cr Maynard said.

“Young families will particularly appreciate how pram-friendly the park is, as well as

the play equipment for pre-school aged kids.

I’m pleased to say that community feedback was pivotal in shaping this project.

The existing large open lawn space remains, as it has proven to be immensely

popular for activities like kick-to-kick and other games, reflecting the park’s

significance as a communal gathering place.”