Surveys address local alcohol consumption

Research surveys are asking Wyndham residents and businesses about the impact alcohol is having on Victoria’s fastest- growing municipality.

A community survey and a survey for local liquor licenceholders have been circulated by Wyndham council, and discussions are being held with police and health organisations.

The latest data from drug and alcohol research centre Turning Point reveals the number of alcohol-related family violence incidents in Wyndham more than doubled between 2003-04 and 2012-13, from 128 to 335 incidents. The number of alcohol-related assaults rose from 74 to 170 cases over the same period.

Between 2006-08 and 2012-13, the number of alcohol-related ambulance call-outs in the municipality almost tripled, from 107 to 315.

Council community wellbeing portfolio holder Bob Fairclough said the research would be used to inform and assess liquor permit applications for new premises, and would also inform consideration of applications for licence changes, such as extended trading hours.

The city already has more than 200 premises licensed to sell and serve alcohol.

“Well-planned and well-managed businesses selling alcohol, such as bars, clubs, bottle shops and restaurants, can be great places to socialise, bring visitors to Wyndham and provide local jobs,” Cr Fairclough said.

“But we also need to consider the potentially negative effects of alcohol misuse.

“Research indicates that drinking too much alcohol is one of the leading causes of preventable disease in Victoria. Our research will highlight how widespread the issue is in our community so that we can develop solutions to address this statewide issue,” Cr Fairclough said.

“Alcohol misuse can have negative social effects, such as road accidents, family violence, assaults, crime and illness.”

Printed copies of the surveys are available at the civic centre, Youth Resource Centre, libraries and community centres.

Alternatively, they can be completed online at

The surveys close on August 16.