Stadium leaks still not plugged

20-05-16 Werribee Eagle Stadium. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham council will engage an architect to design a “permanent solution” for the leaking roof at Eagle Stadium.

The roof of the $47 million stadium has been leaking for more than 12 months, forcing the cancellation of basketball and netball games on days of heavy rainfall.

The council has been working with the stadium’s builder for months to get the leaks fixed, while also investigating their cause.

Council city life director Jenny McMahon said: “We are currently engaging an architect to design a permanent solution to resolve the issues.”

“We are experiencing issues with condensation and how the roof reacts to temperature changes, as well as leaks from box guttering and problems with flashings,” she said.

Ms McMahon said that in an attempt to reduce the impact of the leaks on stadium users, the council had implemented interim measures such as using silicon to seal areas that have been impacted by how the roof reacts to temperature.

“Council is funding the interim measure and once the issue is resolved we will then take steps to recoup the costs,” she said.

“The priority is to do what we can to ensure the roof stops leaking as soon as possible while searching for a more permanent solution.”

In August, Werribee Basketball Association president Paul Jones said that the number of club participants impacted by the roof leaks – and subsequent game cancellations – amounted to at least 1200 people since winter last year.

Eagle Stadium is owned by the Wyndham council and managed by Western Leisure Services.