Speed the main offence for Wyndham drivers during Easter


Almost 200 traffic offences were detected in Wyndham during the Easter long weekend.

The offences were recorded during Operation Nexus, a state wide road policing initiative held from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

As with other recent road policing operations held on long-weekends, speeding was again by far the most common offence detected in Wyndham.

A total of 77 Wyndham motorists were caught travelling above the speed limit, more than double the second most common offence, disobeying signs and signals, on 32.

Nineteen cyclists were detected breaking road rules, while 14 motorists were caught driving while unlicensed and driving unregistered vehicles respectively.

There were 12 seat belt offences, nine mobile phone offences and eight impoundments.

Five drivers were found behind the wheel while disqualified.

There were few drink or drug driving offences detected, with five drivers caught under the influence of drugs, while only two were caught with an illegal blood alcohol reading.

The state wide results for Operation Nexus reflected those in Wyndham, with speeding accounting for half of the 8000 traffic offences recorded.

Road Policing Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said the number of drivers caught speeding was disappointing, particularly the amount also found with drugs or alcohol in their system.

“To see people combining alcohol and speed is terrifying, putting not only their lives but the lives of others at serious risk,” he said.

“We saw two separate occasions of people overloading their cars, with children, then driving impaired. This is complete idiocy and it’s lucky none of those children were killed or injured.

“In the lead up to Easter we were concerned a number of people would drive impaired over the Easter period and sadly that became a reality.”