Speed rules during Operation Regal


Speeding was by far the most common offence committed by Wyndham motorists over the King’s Birthday long weekend.

Forty three drivers were caught speeding on Wyndham roads as part of Operation Regal, a road safety effort conducted by Victoria Police from June 7-10.

The next highest offence was disobeying signs and signals which was 13, followed by mobile phone offences on 12.

Eight cyclists were caught breaking road rules, while seven motorists were found with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit.

Drug driving and other drink-drug driving had one offence each.

Seven drivers were found behind the wheel of unregistered vehicles, six drivers while unlicensed, five while disqualified and four without seatbelts.

Five vehicles were impounded.

Wyndham’s results were reflected state wide, with speeding accounting for 2855 out of a total of 7099 offences recorded.

Road Policing Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said the results were disappointing, particularly with so much wet weather over the long weekend.

“It is much harder to avoid a collision in wet weather if you’re speeding, distracted, or driving while impaired, and yet we caught so many people taking those risks,” he said.

“Even more concerning was the high number of people detected drink or drug driving – these people are making reckless and selfish decisions that not only puts themselves at risk, but all other road users.

“It only takes one poor decision and a split second to cause a tragedy, and yet we’ve seen far too much of that on our roads this year.

“Police will continue to enforce against those who engage in risky driving behaviour – there will be zero tolerance for those who blatantly disregard the road rules.”