Residents join council in VCAT battle

Riverbend Park residents and Wyndham council are at VCAT this week fighting plans for a controversial Werribee subdivision.

The initial permit application sought to subdivide a block of land bounded by Purchas Street and Heaths Road into 49 lots of between 400 and 500 square metres. The council rejected the application last December and the developer lodged an appeal at VCAT.

The developer also submitted a revised application with eight fewer lots, but that was rejected by council last week.

Riverbend resident Denise Huxtable, who is among the 50 residents who will join the council in the VCAT battle, said she was happy the council had rejected the updated proposal.

“The proposal just is not in keeping with the area,” she said. “We understand there will be development. It’s private land and they have every right to develop it, but don’t ruin that beautiful spot,” she said.

Cr Marie Brittan said there was no way she would see a development like the one proposed go ahead in the area.

Cr Michele Wharrie said she was concerned that the proposed development failed to respect the historical value of the area.

The VCAT hearing began on Tuesday and will continue all this week.