Powerboats prepare to hit Wyndham waters

Wyndham Harbour General Manager Tevita Lesuma and Australian Offshore Power Boat Club Commodore, Anthony De Fina ahead round one of the superboat championships on February 24 and 25. (Damjan Janevski) 385199_01

Wyndham Harbour will be the home of horsepower on the weekend of February 24 and 25 when it hosts Round 1 of the Offshore Superboat Championship.

Run by the Australian Offshore Power Boat Club (AOPC), the championship is made up of multiple classes of boats across open and enclosed cockpits, with events up the eastern seaboard of Australia.

This year’s line-up features roughly twenty different competitors across the classes,

with many of the teams actually involved in the designing and building of their own craft

and some boats capable of reaching speeds in excess of 180kph.

AOPC Commodore, Antony de Fina said Wyndham Harbour was a great place to kick off the championship.

“It is a great location with good waves, and close in action for the spectators,” he said.

“We love coming to Wyndham Harbour where the Marina team and council here are very

supportive of our sport. It’s such a great relaxed family venue with terrific facilities and it

brings the spectators and the racing together – up close and personal.”

The 30-minute races commence on Saturday February 24 at 1pm with SuperSports 65 and SuperSport 85 classes.

At 2pm the first Superboat race will be held and then at 3pm the SuperSport classes return to the track immediately adjacent to the marina.

On Sunday, the Superboats have their first race at 11am followed by the two

SuperSport classes at 12pm and then the final race of the weekend is at 1pm with the

Superboats taking to the water once more.

Presentations will then follow at 3.30pm right at the front of the marina.

For more information visit: www.superboat.com.au

Cade Lucas.