Police warn drivers to not neglect the basics


Thousands of motorists, including those in Wyndham, are failing to heed the very basics of driving.

New Victoria Police analysis shows more than 24,000 infringements were issued in a single year for some of the simplest of road rules.

The analysis – covering the latest financial year – shows almost 8000 infringements were issued for motorists failing to obey traffic lights alone.

This includes running red lights, ignoring amber lights and disobeying traffic lane signals.

A further 3000 drivers failed to obey stop signs.

There were 2000 infringements for failing to give way at intersections and 1300 for ignoring give way signs.

Roundabouts appeared a mystery to many who entered them from the wrong lane, ignored traffic arrows and didn’t give way when they were supposed to.

Around 2200 drivers were caught tailgating and 1700 didn’t have their headlights and taillights on at night.

More than 800 motorists failed to use their indicator while others entered a blocked intersection, overtook on the left or at an unsafe distance and ignored keep left or keep right signs.

4300 fines were issued for people not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing one properly.

Acting Sen-Sgt Joshua Perkins from State Highway Patrol said little mistakes while driving can have big consequences.

“A moment’s inattention is all it takes to cause a crash and the ramifications can last a lifetime,” said Sen-Sgt Joshua Perkins, adding that drivers needed to take more care of each other.

“It’s also important we get away from the dog-eat-dog mentality some people have when they get behind the wheel. A bit of courtesy costs nothing and goes a long way in making the roads safer for everyone.”