Plea on flower thefts

By Alesha Capone

Volunteers from the Victoria State Rose Garden in Werribee South have appealed for visitors to refrain from stealing flowers.
The garden, which was established 38 years ago, is managed by Parks Victoria and tended by volunteers.
The garden is home to around 5500 roses.
The rose garden’s official Facebook page last month posted about people who attend the site and pick flowers, to take away.
“Please DO NOT pick the roses. They are not yours to pick….they are for everyone to enjoy,” the post said.
“Please respect the garden it belongs to everyone.
“If everyone did this there would be no roses and they would die from damage, disease and inappropriate pruning.”
The post also said that due to plant breeders’ rights under law, no plant material, including cuttings and blooms, was permitted to leave the rose garden
The post said anyone who took plant matter out of the gardens could be fined.
The garden is covered by CCTV cameras and has signs saying that cuttings, plants and flowers are not allowed to be removed from the site.
Several followers of the State Rose Garden’s Facebook commented on the post about flower thefts.
Laura wrote: “I visit the gardens quite regularly and see visitors leaving all the time with their rather large bouquets in tow.
“These selfish folk don’t care for your CCTV cameras but they do get very ashamed when they’re caught “in the act”.”
Mary-Ellen commented: “I was at the gardens today, I am shocked that people would steal the flowers- it’s such a beautiful place to visit, at the mere cost of a gold coin donation, it’s disappointing to realise that this theft happens!”
Susi said: “These people are unbelievable! They should be fined! It is so disrespectful of all the wonderful work you do.”