Pet owners advised to surrender safely

German Shorthaired Pointer Ralph was surrendered at an RSPCA shelter but was later adopted by a loving family. (Supplied)

RSPCA Victoria has reminded people, such as those in Wyndham, to not avoid surrendering their pet if they believe they can no longer provide appropriate care.

RSPCA Victoria head of operations Tanya Drakopoulos said RSPCA understands that life can be unpredictable and certain circumstances can lead to pets adding too much to the cost of living.

“No one decides to bring an animal into their lives anticipating they will need to surrender them,” she said.

“However, people’s circumstances can change without warning and often for reasons beyond their control.

“RSPCA can assist by finding new homes for animals where they can continue to thrive and live happy, healthy lives.”

Ralph the German Shorthaired Pointer was surrendered and later adopted by Kayla and Luke.

After assistance from a dog trainer who helped Ralph’s new family better understand his need for regular exercise and enrichment, Ralph has well and truly settled into his new life.

Ralph has a Kelpie best friend to socialise with and has regular long runs through the local football oval to fulfil his need for exercise.

Nights on the sofa, chew toys and plenty of love and attention from his owners have been keeping Ralph happy.

Ms Drakopoulos said RSPCA Victoria has not experienced an increase in surrenders during the pandemic or post lockdowns as people return to office-based work.

Details: 9224 2222