Out of this world project

Stella Maris Catholic Primary School pupils Isaac and Charlize. (Damjan Janevski) 221730_01

Pupils at a Point Cook school will track how wattle seeds grow after they have been sent into outer space, as part of a scientific program.

Stella Maris Catholic Primary School is participating in the ‘What’ll happen with the wattle??!’ project, which will send native golden wattle seeds to the International Space Station this month.

The One Giant Leap Australia Foundation is sending the seeds to the space station in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and with the support of the Australian Space Agency.

The seeds will live in space for six months and be returned to Australia in time for Science Week 2021.

Chosen schools across the nation will be sent some speeds which have been sent into space and some seeds which have not.

Pupils will be asked to monitor the seeds’ growth across two years.

More than 150 schools, scout groups and Australian Air Force Cadets have been selected to participate in the project.

To be picked for the program, schools had to send in 200 words and a short video.

Stella Maris submitted a video titled Seeds in Space to the competition.

Staff at the school, along with parents Marc C-Scott and Sonal Wallace and pupils Flynn, Charlize, Lylah, Raidan and Isaac, helped to make the video.

Details: youtu.be/S7ko9YQIkWY.