No delight for bakery customers

By Alesha Capone

The Bakers Delight at Pacific Werribee is scheduled to shut down next month, but the company says it hopes it can negotiate to keep the store open.

A spokesperson for the company said while the Pacific Werribee (formerly known as Werribee Plaza) store “… has been a successful and popular bakery for a very long time, it is scheduled to close when the current lease expires on 3 February”.

“Despite some lengthy negotiations with the landlord, the terms being offered as part of a new lease agreement would make it extremely difficult to run a profitable business, so we have reluctantly opted to close down,” he said.

But the spokesperson said there was still a ray of hope.

“The good news is that the lease negotiations remain open and we are still hopeful that a successful outcome may be reached before the deadline,” he said.

“In the meantime, we would like to thank the many customers who have supported Bakers Delight Werribee Plaza over the past seven years and we hope they will continue to be delighted by our products and service at our Werribee Central bakery.”

Since news of the store’s potential shutdown was posted on the “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down. Werribee & Surrounds!” Facebook page, residents have been lamenting the impending closure in the comments’ section.

Karen wrote: “I couldn’t imagine the centre without Bakers Delight, has been there for many, many years,” while Tara posted, ‘Omg! No way devastated!” and Susie wrote, “Geez that’s a shame”.